21 Dec, 2022


Flirty romance sparks between Meghann Fahy and Leo Woodall

By FactsWow Team

November Headlines

Meghann and Leo made headlines in November when Leo posted a picture of himself. Meghann commented on it.

Credits: The Guardian

Life of the party

In one of the interviews, Meghann said Leo, Theo, James, and her are like the life of any party. They get along.

Credits: ELLE

Some Flirtatious talks

On Monday, the uploads by Meghann and Leo look like a Flirtatious talk back and forth. Leo posted pictures of him and Meghann getting close and tight in a mirror selfie.

Credits: S Chronicles

Anthology by Mike White

Meghann and Leo play Daphne and Jack in White Lotus. It premiered in October. The show follows the story of rich hotel guests who unwrap on their worst behaviour while holidaying.

Credits: Vogue

Resting on the arM

Meghann can be seen smiling and resting on Leo's hand while he sips his cocktail. While in the next, Leo is smoking and captures his picture resting on the Cobblestones.

Credits: US Weekly

Images on Gram

Meghann Fry shared a carousel of pictures with the cast of White Lotus. The pictures are from the shoot days. What is fascinating is that Leo has made an appearance in every picture.

Credits: Yahoo News

The love talk

Leo's other post included all the cast members and Megahnn's comment stating she loves everyone and Fahy loves him. The message is loud and clear.

Credits: Twitter

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