18 Mar, 2023


Filming Of Superman Legacy Is Set For James Gunn

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Managing Superman: Legacy

Gunn and Safran, the co-chair and CEO of DC Studios, announced Wednesday that they are directing Superman: Legacy, set for release on July 11, 2025.

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An Important Theme Is Explored In The Film

Much of the film revolves around Clark Kent's journey to understand his aristocratic Kryptonian heritage and his upbringing in a small midwestern town.

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In Response To That Announcement

Henry Cavill announced last October that he would return to the role with a cameo in Black Adam. Two months after that announcement, Cavill announced that he would resign.

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Creating A Universe

There is better news than this, but life goes on. Cavill wrote. Having to build a universe is something I respect James and Peter for.

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Bringing Superman Back

After Black Adam opened in October, Warner Bros. announced Gunn and Safran as the new DC Films executives despite their attempts to reassure the public about Superman's return.

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Providing Emotional Fulfillment

Gunn wrote on Twitter Wednesday that it had been a long time coming. I initially declined Superman years ago because I had no way that felt unique, fun, and emotionally fulfilling.

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As Part Of The Birthday Celebrations

About a year ago, I found a way in. Gunn revealed it would be released on the birthday of his father, who passed away when Gunn was a child.

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James Gunn Directs The Film

James Gunn has been directing both Marvel and DC films for several years and was the director of the well-received Guardians of the Galaxy films before coming to DC.

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The Old Tweets Have Been Remade

Following David Ayer's much-maligned Suicide Squad, Gunn made a blockbuster remake of his old tweets that joked about rape and pedophilia in The Suicide Squad.

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The Legacy Will Be Forged

The Batman Part II and Todd Phillips' Joker sequel are slated to launch outside of the DC Universe in 2024, and Superman: Legacy will emerge as the first film in this new iteration of the DC Universe.

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