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Posted on: 15 Dec, 2022

Marilee Fiebig Married to T.J. Holmes

Marilee Fiebig and T.J. Holmes married in 2010 in Memphis, Tennessee. Both got their first kid of daughter, Sabina, in 2013. After her birth, Holmes said about his wife, ‘I have a better half who look out to me, try me on track, suggest me and stop me from making a mistake.

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Marilee Fiebig aids Holmes in being a Better Man

Holmes said that his life majorly improved after meeting with Fiebig. He said, ‘My family and I have been nearer since we connected. I am now healthier, use N-word less, attend Sunday church, have a better friend, and participate in charitable contributions.

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Fiebig’s Immigration experience helped Holmes

As Fiebig is a successful attorney in Atlanta who focuses on immigration law, she helped Holmes become an Attorney. Fiebig said to Marie Claire, ‘I was a Democratic-Republican from Congo. My dad and mother are in Peace Corps, and my mother wanted me and my siblings to benefit from educational opportunities.

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Fiebig strengthens Empowerment and Positivity

Since Fiebig faced a folk of color, she is devoted to ensuring her daughter tackles whatever happened in her life and went ahead. She describes the hopes and styles of her daughter while she is growing older.

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Fiebig to deliver societal messages to her daughter

Fiebig explained, ‘since I go through my daily challenges, I like to confirm that the societal messages that I felt don’t limit my kid’s dream. I like to be my daughter as foremost, kind, curious, and confident while asking any questions, seeking replies, and raising her voice.

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