Fans wonder which DiMera twin is still alive following Days Of Our Lives spoilers

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Posted on: 02 Aug, 2022

The U.S. Sun reports that viewers of 'Days of Our Lives' have been forced to say goodbye to many of their favorite characters this summer. A few characters from the NBC soap opera have been written off, including Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson), Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal), Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams), Lani Price (Sal Stowers), Eli Grant (Lamon Archey).

Marci Miller's character Abigail Deveraux DiMera was even shockingly killed off. The character Jake DiMera, played by Brandon Barash, was also recently killed off. We may be in for a big surprise when it comes to Barash's alter ego.

Since Dr. Rolf has brought several characters back to life, some fans speculate he may be able to raise Jake from the dead. On the other hand, 'Days of Our Lives' may have something more dramatic in mind.

Fans believe the DiMera family kept the body of Jake's late twin brother Stefan O. DiMera frozen and may now use that to bring back Jake or Stefan (via TV Season Spoilers) following Bo Brady's resurrection on 'Beyond Salem.'.

Fans of 'Days of Our Lives' know that anything is possible in Salem, and no one is ever truly dead. In this week's episode, Stefano DiMera's twin sons may finally get the answers they've been looking for.

As shown in the latest 'Days of Our Lives' promo, posted to the soap's Twitter account, things are getting wild in Salem once again. Dr. Rolf and Kristen DiMera (Stay Haiduk) seem to be planning something devious with Jake's body.

It appears that the villains are trying to find a way to resurrect Jake. Even Rolf can't resuscitate him - at least not without some assistance. The clip shows Rolf pulling back a curtain to show Kristen something that shocks her.

According to the preview, 'assembly is required,' but it could mean anything. Stefan DiMera's body will be used to bring Jake back? Stefan could be brought back to life by transplanting Jake's heart into his body.

There is a possibility that Dr. Rolf will need to use parts from both Jake and Stefan to create one person, a mix of both DiMera twins. Rolf may even use his creation to bring back 'The Phoenix' Stefano DiMera.

One fan tweeted, 'I'm getting a Frankenstein's monster vibe from this.' Another wrote, 'Salem can never be too late to resurrect someone.' Another mentioned Stefan's resurrection, saying it was perfect timing since Chad had already left. One person said, 'I was hoping Rolf would bring Jake back.'.

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