07 Apr, 2023


Exclusive: Are The Most Perplexing Couple From 'Love Is Blind' Finally Tying The knot? Get The Inside Scoop Now!

By FactsWow Team

Love Is Blind couples are known for their dramatic storylines, but the bizarre dynamic between Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin has left fans puzzled.

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Kwame and Chelsea have been relatively quiet during Love Is Blind Season 4, with the spotlight on other more volatile couples.

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The couple's strange relationship dynamics became more apparent as they approached the altar in the penultimate episode, leaving viewers wondering if they were truly a good match.

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From the start, it was clear that Kwame and Chelsea had different expectations regarding their living situation, with Kwame hoping that whoever he chose would move to Portland for him.

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In contrast, Chelsea's family and job were in Seattle, and she had no plans to leave. This conflict was an issue that continued throughout the season.

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Kwame's complaints about the compromises he had to make and the sacrifices he had to endure to be with Chelsea have not gone unnoticed, with some Love Is Blind fans calling him out on social media.

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Despite their difficulties, Kwame and Chelsea remain committed to each other and were even able to enjoy a couples' boudoir photo shoot in Calvin Klein underwear towards the end of the season.

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