Erika & Lisa on RHOBH: When they tried to take down Sutton Stracke

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Posted on: 14 Aug, 2022

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills's Sutton Stracke is a fan favorite. It appears that Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne are planning to take her out. A real housewife's honesty and blunt sense of humor are appreciated by viewers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The Southern belle has been on the show for two seasons as an official housewife. In season 11, she moved from being a 'friend of' to a full-time housewife. She has demonstrated true class while participating in the drama of the reality show.

With her boldness and courage to speak the truth, even if it ruffles some feathers, RHOBH star Sutton has stunned fans on screen and kept everyone talking after each episode. Housewives like Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne, who have been on RHOBH for years, fear Sutton's popularity because it takes them away from the spotlight

RHOBH's current season features several arguments between Sutton and the housewives. It is her friend Lisa who brought her onto the show, and the feud has continued. Erika Jayne's supporters were caught in the middle last season because Sutton shared her honest opinion about her legal issues. 

As payback for her actions, Lisa and Erika are trying to bring their friend down, but so far they've been ineffective and she keeps rising.

Sutton & Lisa's Elton John Gala Feud

When RHOBH season 13 began, Lisa and Sutton already had a feud over a gala they attended that was hosted by Elton John. When Sutton was accused of not thanking Lisa for sending her a jar of Harry Hamlin's Bolognese sauce on Watch What Happens Life, she defended her best friend, Garcelle Beauvais.

Sutton responded to Lisa's comment by saying that she didn't receive thank you from Lisa for the gala tickets she was given. The relationship between Lisa and Sutton has been strained and mended numerous times, yet Lisa continually brings up the past in an attempt to hurt Sutton's feelings.

Erika Calls Sutton A Liability

A sit-down dinner with Garcelle gave Erika a chance to talk about her drinking. Erika told Garcelle she was glad you had Sheree because I think Sutton is a liability. Erika's statement was ironic since she's been in a legal mess her whole life. Erika slandering Garcelle was her way of trying to bring the RHOBH housewives into conflict. Luckily, Garcelle didn't fall for her tricks and told Sutton the truth.

Erika Lashes Out At Sutton

A Los Angeles Times article about Erika caused Erika to be angry at Sutton on RHOBH season 11. Sutton worried about being associated with Erika during her time of turmoil, so she held a private meeting with the other women.

At a dinner party, Erika threatened Sutton instead of talking to her one-on-one. She said she would come for her if Sutton ever talked about her situation again. Erika is wrong to take her anger out on an innocent friend, as Sutton has nothing to do with Erika's legal issues.

The Elton John Gala drama erupted again when Lisa hosted a Rinna Rosé wine tasting at her place. Even though Sutton and Lisa had made amends, Lisa and Erika lashed out at Sutton. 

Having recently lost her mother, Lois Rinna, Lisa was holding in pent-up anger and told Sutton never to speak about her family again. She kicked Sutton out of her house. Erika and Lisa should realize Sutton sees right through their lies and refuses to play their game anymore. She knows Lisa acts differently with her friends than when she goes out for lunch alone.

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