15 Dec, 2022


Enjoy your favourite horror movies this holiday season!

By FactsWow Team

Fun horror movie!

The horror movie will provide some entertainment for the night. It’s neither funny nor scary. You can choose your favorite and enjoy the holiday season.

Credits: Entertainment Weekly

Freddy Vs. Jason – 2003

Freddy Vs. Jason is a crossover between Friday the 13th and the Nightmare on Elm Street film series. In this movie, a group of teens fights over to kill.


Scream – 1996!

Scream is the clichés of the slasher genre. It follows Sydney Prescott, a high school girl terrorized by a mysterious killer wearing a mask known as Ghostface.

Credits: Pinterest

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon – 2006!

It is a black comedy slash movie paying homage to the horror-slasher game. It follows a journalist and her crew documenting a serial killer modeling himself.

Credits: DeviantArt

Villains -2019!

Villains is a black comedy horror film about a duo who attempts to break into a house after their car breaks down. They are overhead after discovering that the homeowners are harboring a dark secret.

Credits: British Vogue

Better Watch Out – 2016!

Better Watch Out is a psychological Christmas movie where a babysitter travels to the Lerner's home to babysit their 12-year-old son during the holidays.

Credits: The Guardian

Happy Death Day – 2017!

Happy Death Day is a black comedy slasher movie following a college student who was murdered on her birthday and reliving the day repeatedly.

Credits: Refinery29

Freaky – 2020!

Freaky is a comedy with a horror twist. It follows a teenage girl who switches bodies with a middle-aged male serial killer.

Credits: Movie Leather Jackets

Ready or Not – 2019!

It is a black comedy horror movie that begins with her spouse's wealthy Santa-worshipping family being hunted as part of creepy wedding night rituals.

Credits: GQ

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil – 2010!

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a black comedy with a group of clueless college students and the duo of well-intentioned hillbillies they mistake for killers.

Credits: Brightest Young Things

The Cabin in the Woods – 2011!

The Cabin in the Woods is a horror comedy about a group of college students retreating to a remote cabin.

Credits: BigHorrorGuide-WordPress.com

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