Embracing Mac's death was something Sofia Rosinsky enjoyed a lot during her role on Paper Girls

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Posted on: 30 Jul, 2022

Amazon Prime's new series 'Paper Girls' based on the comic books of the same name tells the story of four girls coming to terms with their futures - but only three of them get to meet their future selves in the series.

The reason for this is that, in Mac's future, she is no longer alive. Even though it's heartbreaking, Sofia Rosinsky actually enjoyed playing the role of the young star of the series who really suffered through this situation.

This first episode of the series, which is streaming on Amazon Prime in its entirety, features Erin (Riley Lai Nelet), Mac (Rosinsky), Tiff (Camryn Jones), and KJ (Fina Strazza).

Erin's older self, Ali Wong, is almost immediately encountered there. Even though the girls are dubious, Mac manages to figure out how the internet works and do some research within no time. Interestingly enough, she does not search for herself; she searches for her brother.

He is now a doctor and has made a significant improvement in his life. However, his bedside manner could use some improvement, since he tells Mac bluntly in episode 3 that she cannot possibly be his sister because his sister died when she was 16 years old.

In the beginning, Mac is shocked at the realization, but she eventually accepts her fate. Even though Rosinsky herself was sad to learn that her character had died, she was also pleased to see how the young paper girl handled the situation.

This is an extremely delicate subject matter. It breaks your heart just to look at it, because she has already encountered many challenges, and it appears that things will only get worse for her,' Rosinsky explained. 'However, I think that the manner in which she handles it, she does so with such grace.'

Even though Mac had no difficulty saying or doing exactly what she wanted to, Rosinsky said that learning the fate of the character felt liberating for the character because she could then be herself. 'I really think that it is a great opportunity for her to discover who she really is,' she explained. 'I really appreciate that.'

It's important to point out that, even after her brother filled her - and therefore, the audience - in on some pretty extensive details, there are still some questions regarding Mac's fate by the end of the series.

'I believe you and I are both here. Yeah, I am not sure. I would love to find out,' she replied. 'I hope that we will have the opportunity to explore it further.'

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