22 Dec, 2022


Elvis Spinout Actress Diane Mcbain Passed Away Aged 81

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On Wednesday, Diane McBain passed away after battling liver cancer

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Diane McBain passed away

McBain passed away aged 81 after battling liver Cancer while at her residence in the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills, California.

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Diane McBain's writing partner

Right before her death, Michael Gregg Michaud's writing partner wrote on her Facebook account on November 18 that she was ill and on a rough patch.

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Diane found by talent agency

A talent agency discovered McBain at the age of 17 while she was performing in a high school play.

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Diane worked as a model

Diane briefly worked as a model for print and television commercials before making her television debut in 1959 on the western series Maverick and later appeared on 77 Sunset Strip.

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First role in Ice Palace

She attributes getting her first film role in the 1960 historical drama Ice Palace after finding success on television, prompting her to sign a talent contract early in her career.

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Co-starred with Elvis Presley

Following the signing of her contract, McBain's career took off. She landed a part on Surfside 6 alongside Van Williams and Tory Donahue and went on to star in more movies, such as 1966's Spinout, which starred Elvis Presley.

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Starred in Batman

After the musical, she played next to another popular culture star, Adam West, in the 1966 live version of Batman.

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Diane McBain's marriage life

As her career progressed, she married fellow actor Rodney Burke for two years in 1972 and gave birth to her son Evan Burke in 1973.

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Diane McBain's memoir

She co-wrote the autobiography Famous Enough: A Hollywood Memoir in 2014, and her debut book, The Laughing Bear, was released in 2020.

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