16 Dec, 2022


Elon Musk Suspended Twitter Accounts Of Journalists

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Elon Musk Suspended Twitter Accounts

Elon Musk suspended the social media accounts of a dozen of journalists, involving, renowned U.S-based reporters such as Drew Harwell of ‘The Washington Post,’ Ryan Mac of ‘The New York Times,’ Aaron Rupar, Tony Wester, Micah Lee, and Keith Olbermann of an independent reporter.

Credits: The Washington Post

Violated The Twitter Rules

Elon musk’s suspension is not common, but each user’s Twitter account includes a note that the journalists were suspended because of violating Twitter rules and guidelines.

Credits: New York Post

Mentioned Elon as a ‘Meltdown’

‘The New York Times’ first reported this, and Musk, on the morning Friday, stated about the drive while a user uploaded a screenshot photo of a reporter’s account knowing they were debarred and captioned it, ‘Meltdown.’

Credits: Pinterest

Musk tweeted about his Criticism

In response to the caption, Musk tweeted, ‘Criticizing me every day is fine but endangering my family and doxing me exact location is not.’ He indicated that the reporters were promoting or tracking services of his real-time location.

Credits: Hamline University

Length of Musk’s Suspension

It is unclear how long the Twitter account Musk suspended the journalists, but later, he clarified that the suspension happened due to doxing for only seven days.

Credits: Daily Local

Musk conducted a Poll

Elon Musk conducted a Poll to clear the fact by asking his fan followers for the time to which accounts remained suspended when it took a dig into Biden’s administration. He clarified a feature to add to the Twitter account that will show the period for why the account was suspended.

Credits: The New York Post

Twitter suspended above 25 accounts

The poll drive was conducted after a day when his Twitter was suspended for more than 25 accounts, tracking government agencies, high-profile people, billionaires, and Elon Musk.

Credits: Pinterest

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