Elon Musk Gust Donald Trump's Call For 'termination' Of Us Canon Days After Unbanning Him On Twitter

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Posted on: 07 Dec, 2022

Twitter's Takeover

The billionaire only recently allowed the controversial mogul-turned-politician back on Twitter after his takeover, putting the matter to a people's vote.

The Twitter Files

Trump lashed out on his social media platform, Truth Social when he responded to a 'Twitter file' about a laptop allegedly there for Joe Biden's son Hunter.

The Controversy

The computer was the subject of much controversy on the American right. Right-wingers have tried to suggest that files found on the machine were taken to repair shops but were never picked up. This would undermine Joe Biden's credibility.

The Conspiracy Theories

The story spawned conspiracy theories and continued to be controversial among Biden's opponents, with conservative media focusing specifically on the case.

Opened Up Internal Records

But weeks after Musk's ownership, Twitter released an internal record of the platform's conclusion to moderate access to a New York Post an issue about the two-year-old laptop, citing Biden's campaign team. After coming forward, he deleted several tweets.

The Federal Electoral Commission

These with nude pics of Hunter Biden that were taken back under retribution porn policies. Mr. Trump speaks out. The 'Twitter files' on facts Social despite the Federal Electoral Commission's decision that Twitter had not broken election laws.

Presidential Election Results

So, massive and widespread fraud and deception disclosures in close collaboration with big tech companies, the DNC, and the Democrats will wreck the 2020 presidential election results, reveal the right winner, or make a new choice. Will you do that?

The Massive Fraud

'A Massive Fraud of this type and immensity allows for the conclusion of all rules, directives, and articles, even those found in the Canon.

The End Of The Story

Our great 'founders' will not and will not tolerate false and fraudulent elections!' However, Musk tweeted, 'The Constitution is greater than any president. End of story.'

Reform Twitter

Mr. Musk, the world's most affluent man and boss of SpaceX and Tesla, has budged to reform Twitter to win back advertisers and encourage subscribers.

The Hardcore Work

His takeover has been criticized amid mass sackings and his decision to thrust a 'hardcore' work culture on enduring employees.

Tumultuous Relationship

He has had a tumultuous relationship with Mr. Trump, formerly joining councils that counsel Mr. Trump as president. But, Mr. Trump revolted on him after Mr. Musk said the Republican party had never elected him.

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