Elon Musk Attend An Event In San Francisco, But Twitter Tries To Delete Videos Posted On His Account

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Posted on: 14 Dec, 2022

A Huge Following on Social media

Twitter's new boss Elon Musk may have a huge following on social media, but real people don't approve of how he does it.

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Dave Chappelle Show

Elon Musk was recently invited to his Sunday Dave Chappelle Show in San Francisco. The comedian joked that some of the boos could be Twitter employees that Musk summarily fired in Twitter's latest layoffs.

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Video On Twitter Account

Intriguingly, Musk now shares the video on his Twitter account. I'm trying to delete from, but some users have saved videos.

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Welcomes Musk on the Stage

'Ladies and gentlemen, make some claps for the richest man alive,' comedian Dave Chappelle welcomed Musk onto the stage.

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The Boo

I got booed, but a video posted on Twitter revealed that the boo won. Gizmodo reported that the video had been removed from his Twitter.

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About The Video

However, the company shared a link to the video. The boo’s grew louder as Musk walked across the stage.

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The Joke

'It looks like some of the humans you fired are in the audience,' Chappelle joked awkwardly in the crowd.

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Musk Abused The Audience

No, but some people secretly took cell phones and filmed footage of Musk being mercilessly abused by the audience.

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The Show

Musk thanked Chappelle for inviting him to the show, but the crowd started booing loudly every time he tried to speak.

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Musk's Question

Visually flustered by the booing, Musk then asked Chappelle what he should say. Since Musk took over Twitter, it's been caught in a storm. Twitter's CEO fired executives on the second day, including Parag Agrawal, Vijay Gadde, and Nel Segal.

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The Members Of The Company

Just days into his new role, Musk laid off nearly 75% of his employees. Musk has reportedly hired several members of his family and several engineers from Tesla and The Boring Company to work on his Twitter.


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