04 Jan, 2023


Elle King Shares Updates On Recovering After Fall Made Her Unconscious

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Unexpected accident at home

After a freak accident at home in which she was knocked unconscious and was left with a concussion and amnesia, Elle King is doing well as she recovers from the injury.

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As a result, he was knocked out

Last month, King slipped while walking down her steps making a bottle in the middle of the night, knocking himself unconscious.

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Experience of great intensity

After undergoing such an intense experience, I have been able to laugh about it now that I have recovered. The doctors said I had amnesia and post-concussion syndrome.

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It frightened her the most

The fact that she was home alone with her one-year-old son, Lucky, at the time, scared her the most about the accident.

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Multi-city experience

She adds, 'My daughter is doing great, and I'm feeling a lot better,' Nashville has a community unlike any I've had in any of my previous multiple cities, even though I had some friends there.

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Recovery is ongoing

The city and my friends, and my music family are beautiful. They all came together to support me and show up for me. They helped me with the baby, too.'

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Recoveries are ongoing

The recovery is ongoing for King, who is involved in a lot of PT, stretching, and quiet downtime, neither of which have been her strengths.

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Singers cancel radio shows

As a result of her accident, the singer canceled several radio shows. She shares a son named Lucky with her fiancé Dan Tooker.

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Smith on Big Bash

However, her New Year's Eve was spent performing and hosting CBS' New Year's Eve Live: Nashville's Big Bash special with Smith.

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An experience of a lifetime

“As I looked around and saw Jimmie, Kelsea, and Zac Brown, the people I love, I realized this is my life, my home. It was a very surreal experience.'

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The opportunity of a lifetime

The feeling of being here with Jimmie, Kelsea, and Zac Brown just teems with reality. This is an amazing opportunity.

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Putting out new music

In addition to releasing new music, King will drop a lead single this Friday. 'Tulsa' comes from her upcoming album, Come Get Your Wife.

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