Ella Johnson looks confident in a colorful beach outfit on 90-Day Fiancé

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Posted on: 01 Aug, 2022

Former 90-Day Fiancé star Ella Johnson took to Instagram to reveal her unique self-assured posture with a bright and colorful beach outfit. Ella Johnson, 30 years old from Idaho Falls, developed an admiration for anime. Online dating eventually, Ella Johnson wanted to date an Asian man who she finally found in an online group called “White Women Asian Men.” 

Ella Johnson found her Asian prince Johnny Chao, 34 years old, in Jinan, China, and dated him for almost two years while they made elaborate plans for their future. Divorced man Johnny Chao wanted to come to America, where he would stay with Ella Johnson on her estate to cook healthy meals that would reduce her weight.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic continued to foil Ella Johnson and Johnny Chao’s plans, which fans saw them making on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5. Johnny Chao intended to take a break from his job and leave his elderly parents and young son back home to take a risk and meet Ella Johnson.

But as Ella Johnson kept demanding that Johnny Chao make every effort to be with her, she never expected him to develop cold feet at the last minute. After seeing the surge in cases, Johnny Chao was scared and kept delaying his visit. In contrast, Ella Johnson waited to let her physical urges take over and cheated on 90 Day Fiancé fan-favorite Johnny Chao.

Ella Johnson slept with her friend because she wanted attention, but Johnny Chao didn’t seem to mind and even asked for Ella Johnson’s ring size instead. In her latest post, Ella Johnson flashed a wide smile for the camera as she stood with her hands on her waist in her orange one-piece bikini. She styled her beach outfit with a loose floral coverup tied up at her waist and completed the appearance with a pair of off-white crocs.

“Great week of camping!!!!” Ella Johnson wrote in her caption. 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Ella Johnson also wrote “beyond blessed” to get the opportunity to spend a week with her family and friends. Ella Johnson revealed that she was spending in Mackay had been fantastic. She asked her followers about what summer fun you have all done.

Admirers seem to take this as an indication of Ella Johnson and Johnny Chao’s split because someone asked her, “Did u ever meet Johnny?” Another admirer wrote that “it’s disappointing for them not to see Johnny Chao in any of Ella Johnson’s photos on Instagram. Someone asked if Ella Johnson and Johnny Chao are still together.

Surprisingly, the controversial 90-Day Fiancé franchise celebrity told them that it’s not her “fault” that Johnny Chao is not in her pictures. “He decided to not come like,” she said. Johnny Chao, who had promised he would meet her in February during the Tell-All, now claimed he wasn't getting approval for the resignation, which led to another delay from his side.

Ella Johnson then declared that she would break up with him if she had to wait until 2023. As per the comments, it seems Ella Johnson is already done with Johnny Chao, and her unique self-assured colorful beach outfit might be a clue that she’s looking again for love by gaining her self-esteem.

source: screenrant.

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