Ed Sheeran Sold the Most Concert Tickets This Year

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Posted on: 07 Dec, 2022

60 shows in Europe

Over the course of 60 shows in Europe, Sheeran's Mathematics Tour sold a million tickets, which is the same as three million.

Record-breaking The Divide Tour

After a three-year break after his record-breaking The Divide Tour, Ed Sheeran is back on the road and plays to more than 3 million fans in Europe in 2022. This puts him at the top of the year's Top Ticket Sales chart.

Over a million tickets

Over a million tickets were sold across Ed Sheeran's 60 European performances during his Mathematics Tour, which was hailed as a resounding success.

Best grossing tour

The tour finished the year as the third best grossing tour in terms of revenue, with a total of $246.3 million, and the highest grossing tour in terms of total tickets sold, with 3,047,696 tickets sold.

Sheeran performed 63 concerts

Sheeran performed 63 concerts during his tour, 11 of which were considered to be 'rehearsal' events, while the remaining 52 shows, which were considered to be 'real' tour dates, sold an average of 48,376 tickets per night.

Total of 420,269 tickets

Sheeran sold a total of 420,269 tickets during his five-night run at London's Wembley Stadium, which resulted in the tour's highest attendance total.

Etihad Stadium

Sheeran's tour also surpassed the 200,000-ticket sales mark when he played four gigs at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester and the Olympiastadion in Munich.

The Mathematics Tour

The Mathematics Tour is currently slated to perform 12 shows in Australia during the months of February and March, followed by 24 shows in North America during the course of the summer.

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