05 Jan, 2023


Dwayne Johnson denied appearing as Black Adam in the DC movie The Flash

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Dwayne Johnson denied role in The Flash

Johnson's role in the DC was short-lived; he was given a cameo role to appear as Black Adam for the upcoming movie The Flash, but he turned down the offer.


Johnson's production firm's statement

The Black Adam movie's producer, Hiram Garcia, turned down the chance for their DC character to make a cameo in The Flash movie. Johnson's production firm, Seven Bucks Productions, is likewise led by Garcia as its president.

Credits: Times of India

Reason for turning down cameo role

Since the offer was made back when the movie was still in the planning stages and not under the direction of DC Studios' new management, there is a good chance that the cameo was cut before the final release.

Credits: Mashable

DC has no plans to bring Black Adam

Currently, the DC studio has no plans to bring Black Adam back, so Johnson cannot return as the Black Adam, but it is unsure what holds for the character in the future.

Credits: CNN

Ezra Miller created headlines

Ezra Miller made headlines in 2022 due to various arrest charges alleged against him due to his erratic behavior. This made the DC studio suffer as they underwent several hurdles and numerous delays and are now ready to hit the theaters.

Credits: US Weekly

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