Drew Griffin | A 60-year-old CNN Investigative Journalist, Has Passed Away

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Posted on: 20 Dec, 2022

Drew Griffin died

CNN announced on Saturday that investigative journalist Drew Griffin had passed away after a battle with cancer.

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Chris shared his condolence

CNN CEO Chris Licht issued a note to staff expressing his sadness over Drew's passing. Drew's work had an extraordinary impact and embodied CNN's mission in every sense.

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Light about Drew's work

Light said his work ethic was unmatched. He spent a lot of time studying documents and answering the phone.

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Investigation with illness

Despite his illness, he continued to work on his investigation until the day of his death as part of the reporting he held dear.

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Drew is a kind person

According to the report, colleagues remembered him as a kind and generous journalist who cared deeply about his team and was always eager to mentor newcomers.

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The investigation process

A CNN investigative team member for nearly two decades. Investigations he has conducted include those regarding Uber drivers, Trump University, and the drug rehabilitation program in California.

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Remembering the important news

His coverage of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York was among his most memorable forays into breaking news. He rescued a man live on air while covering Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

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The Award collections

In addition to his Emmy Award, Peabody Award, and Edward R. Murrow award, his reporting has been recognized by numerous prestigious journalism awards.

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Career based interview

CNN's Anderson Cooper interviewed Griffin on-air about his career and the impact his reporting had on business, politics, the environment, and more.

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