Does a fan theory claim Iron Man 2's Stark explosion killed Peter Parker's parents? Watch this to find out

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 13 Dec, 2022

The parents of Peter Parker are dead

This one is about Spider-Man, but it's Tom Holland's version. Were Peter Parker's parents killed off as Spider-Man already had the Avengers' appearance on him?

A Spider-Man theory

The theory behind Spider-Man might make sense! Please scroll down to see the video and check it out for yourself. We all know that Spider-Man's Uncle Ben or Aunt May raises him.

A plane crash caused the death

Although a plane crash caused Tom Holland's Spider-Man's death, we never learn how Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man died.

Investigates bizarre theories

Among all this, we finally found a video on Instagram shared by a fan page named 'HazeChill,' a popular fan page that studies bizarre theories and tries to give them logical foundations.

As discussed in this video

Tom Holland's Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker's parents, die in the movie franchise, just like the people they talked about in this video.

Death of parents

Tom Holland's Peter Parker is only seen when he is the age Andrew Garfield and Tobey were when their parents passed away. This is in Iron Man 2.

The killing of humans by robots

The theory is that Justin Hammer's robots killed Peter Parker's parents in MCU. So how do we know that the little boy in Iron Man 2 is Peter Parker?

Destruction is widespread

This would explain why the kid was all by himself and wanted to kill the robots.' We see much destruction, so there may have been many deaths.

As suggested by Justin Hammer

The original story stated that Peter Parker's parents would have died either from the explosion or the plane crash, which Justin Hammer suggested after Tony and Rhodey ended Whiplash.

Having the utmost respect

Peter has a great deal of respect and love for Tony Stark after he lost everything in the Expo crash, and Tony saved and looked after him.

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