24 Dec, 2022


Deal With Music Rights, Justin Bieber Becoming The Youngest Artist To Grab A 16,500+ Crore!

By FactsWow Team

Youngest musician!

Justin Bieber is a popular singer; he rose to fame at the age of thirteen years, and now he is creating a record for being the youngest musician.

Credits: Eonline

Selling his music!

Bieber is selling his music for an amount of $200 million. The singer Justin is going through a financial crisis to cope with that, and he is selling his rights.

Credits: Eonline

Artists with long careers!

Artists with long careers sell catalog rights, singers like Bob Dylan, Sting, and others. These albums are sixty years old, and the selling of catalog rights is quite common these days.

Credits: The Hollywood Reporter

Music catalog!

Justin Bieber is selling his music catalog to the Hipgnosis Songs Capital, backed by Blackstone Inc. Bieber is having trouble with finances as he canceled several concerts for some reasons.

Credits: Female First

Selling the rights!

Justin Bieber will sell the rights for $200 million, its 16.5 crores in Indian rupees. He shared the amount with his collaborators and wrote his songs in collaboration with others.

Credits: CTV News

Justin diagnosed!

Justin Bieber, the Canadian star, was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, that cause left half of his face paralyzed.

Credits: The FADER

Cancel tours!

Justin canceled all his tours and performances because of his health issues.

Credits: Billboard

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