15 Dec, 2022


Deadpool 3 Director Make Fun Of Wolverine's Role

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Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy derides Hugh Jackman's upcoming reprisal of Wolverine, who will star adjoining Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool in the 2024 movie.

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The Fox Superhero

Deadpool 3 is the first in the trilogy to take place in the MCU. With Wolverine already established to appear, there are rumors the film could be a huge crossover event, possibly featuring other characters from the Fox superhero franchises.

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The Official Announcement

Jackman will appear as Wolverine for the first time since 2017's critically acclaimed Logan, having formerly announced his retirement from the role.

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Marvel Iconoclast

In an interview with SYFY, Levy shares his delight at being able to tell the story of the eventual Marvel icon and the eventual Marvel iconoclast.

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Deadpool 3 MCU

The director considers himself lucky to be helming the Deadpool 3 MCU film and notes that the combination of characters constantly generates new ideas during the script-writing process.

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Fox X-Men Universe

Not much is known about Deadpool 3's plot because it's been overly classified, except that Deadpool somehow has to step out of the Fox X-Men universe and into the MCU.

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Marvel Studios

There were concerns that this transition would end his R-rating, a hallmark of the film and its humor. However, Marvel Studios quickly allayed those concerns when similar assurances were made for the upcoming reboot sequel Daredevil: Born Again.

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TVA Has The Potential

It may even be compatible, and of course, there's speculation about his character being involved in Deadpool 3. TVA has the potential for Wolverine to enter the MCU without sacrificing a heartfelt ending in Logan.

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The Feature

Levy notes in the interview that it will allow us to 'feature this iconic duo together in a full film for the first time,' suggesting that Wolverine will play a major role rather than a cameo appearance.

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