15 Dec, 2022


DC Needs to Worry About Marvel's Daredevil: Born Again

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Universal Studios' Marvel movies

Daredevil: Born Again was met with a great deal of skepticism because the earlier series so tonally departed from the rest of Marvel's cinematic universe.

Credits: Entertainment Weekly

Surprises are possible with Marvel

As long as Marvel can surprise fans and go the other direction, it can edge out DC Universe in the one area it has historically dominated.

Credits: Reddit

Having turned 20

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has turned 20 years old, and those in charge seem more willing to let the franchise 'dirty up.'


Making a commitment

There is one commitment made by Deadpool 3 to keep the 'R' rating for its cursing and violence that fans love.

Credits: Vulture

Expectations exist

Marvel Studios will also likely produce a gritty and violent version of The Defenders, as its predecessors did.

Credits: Syfy

Shared live-action videos

Many of DC's most popular live-action shared universe stories can be found on the CW, but its streaming offerings feature more adult-oriented tales.

Credits: Time

An offshoot of the Suicides

The most obvious examples are Titans and Doom Patrol, which have distinct appeals. Peacemaker, a spinoff from the Suicide Squad, is also included.

Credits: Etsy

Differences that can be noticed

There has been a noticeable difference between Marvel's television shows and its movies in recent years.

Credits: Vulture

Become a true competitor to DC

It could finally compete with DC if Marvel Studios makes more TV-MA fare due to Daredevil: Born Again.

Credits: Netflix Life

A disjointed Marvel TV show

Because Disney owned only some of the rights to all Marvel characters, the early 21st-century Marvel Television shows needed to be more cohesive.

Credits: Radio Times

Sony owns Marvel

In addition, now that Sony owns Marvel characters, it can continue to connect all the series, such as Gifted on FOX and Legion on FX.

Credits: People.com

Batman is the only exception

It always aspired to separate all its different universes, as Warner Bros has owned every DC character except Batman for a long time.

Credits: DEccan Herald

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