Days of Our Lives Abigail Murder Investigation Kicked Into High Gear With Its Last Two Suspects So Which One Did It?  

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 16 Aug, 2022

Li surprised us all with just how big his tendrils reach into the DiMera clan, but that surprise wasn’t quite as enjoyable as the dual investigations into Abigail’s murder. Between “Xarah’s” steamy game of detective and Thomas and Clyde’s revelations, it looks like the walls must be closing in on the killer as we work through the last remaining suspects. Or are they?

The big reveal this week that Li’s been bankrolling Dr. Rolf’s Stefan experiment was an unexpected twist. It came just when I thought I was nice enough but kind of boring now that he’d settled into domestic bliss. Stefan’s gone from asset to liability for Li now that he’s hitched his wagon to Gabi. Instead of being his way into DiMera, as Li had hoped for years, now Stefan could end up booting him out.

He views Gabi as being easier to control and manipulate than Stefan, were he to return. But I have a feeling that’s something he’ll come to regret. She’s just starting to open her heart up to him, so his betrayal will infuriate her.

And going behind Kristen is something I will be sorry he did. She may have strong-armed Gabi into taking over Basic Black, but I would love to see those two genuinely team up to make Li pay.

As for the Brady/Chloe/Kristen battle, it’s barely taken off the ground. The happy couple even commented on how odd it was for Kristen to come in, make her big dramatic takeover announcement, then disappear. They have a point. She couldn’t multitask between Dr. Rolf and destroying them.

The flames between Johnny and Ava are a bit unusual but already seem like fun, especially if it gets him away from Chanel and Allie. (Side note: Please go away, Alexander. Just let them be a two-some for a bit.

They don’t need a man in the mix.) But that doesn’t invalidate what I was thinking last week with Ava and EJ. She could play the field with both father and son. I’m sure she could find benefits to hitching her wagon to both DiMeras, though hopefully, genuine feelings would develop along the way to make things messy.

But am I crazy, or was anyone else enjoying Gwen and EJ’s digs vibes? I could watch her and EJ snipe at each other all day. I say add her to the EJ/Ava/Johnny mix and see what happens.

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