Darius Rucker said Audiences To Never Accept A Black Country Singer

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Darius Rucker

Despite being told that he would not be able to succeed in country music due to racism, Darius Rucker has achieved remarkable success with ten number-one hits, winning a Grammy, and becoming a renowned recording artist.

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Black Country Singer

When Darius started in the music industry, he didn't expect much success due to a negative attitude toward black country singers. He faced rude and direct statements from people who claimed their audience would never support a black country singer, even to my face.

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Darius was the Frontman of 'Hootie'

Darius was the frontman of the band, named Hootie & Blowfish, till his departure in 2008. He quickly proved that his naysayers were doing wrong. Catch the latest story from Factswow.com and gain a deep insight into the recent happenings worldwide.

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Don't think I don't think about it

In that same year, Darius's debut single 'Don't Think I Don't Think About It' soared to the top spot, marking him as the first Black artist to achieve a number ‘one position’ over the ‘Hot Country Songs’ charts when the renowned Charley Pride accomplished the victory in 1983.

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Black Guy in Country

Darius Rucker said that he was not anxious about the case that he made the records. He was not sitting around. He is going to be a Black person in the country. Follow Factswow.com for more gripping storylines.

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Darius didn't think to break down the Wall

Although the country music landscape lacked a presence similar to Darius's at that time, the singer admitted he never thought of being the catalyst to break down those barriers. Nonetheless, he expresses contentment in having ignited a transformation and inspiring change.

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Kane Brown

Darius loves seeing Kane Brown and the guys over there. It's all for making this huge success. He said that was great to see, and he felt proud to be part of the band.

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t won't be like this for Long'

There are other songs in Darius's No. 1 hits, including 'Come Back song,' ''It Won't be like this for Long,' 'If I told you,' 'For the first time,' and 'Alright.' He earned a Grammy for 'CMA' and an ACM for performing his solo music. He won two Grammys with the Blowfish and Hootie in 1996.

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