15 Dec, 2022


Daniel's fiancé Tiffany says she's 'waiting for him to propose on '90 Day Fiance'

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Her new man is revealed exclusively

Tiffany Franco reveals exclusively that her new man, Daniel MacFarland Jr., is her 'go steady.'

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The couple sees each other

Tiffany, 31, says, 'I like him. I look forward to his proposal.' There is a two-to-three-day gap between Tiffany and her boyfriend.

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Emoji of a smile with tears

After being drowned for so long, it feels like coming up for air. It is as if I am learning how I should have been treated all along, smiling with tears emoji on her face.

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Dan met a Maryland resident

The Maryland resident met Dan while she was estranged from her husband, Ronald Smith, during season 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life on TLC.

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During her estrangement

Her estranged husband, Ronald Smith, was the subject of 90 Day: The Single Life episode 3, which aired while she was estranged from him.

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An outing with someone

Tiffany confessed on November 7 that she would date someone she matched with via an app. My first date was with someone I already knew.

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Dan was not present

During a local horse stable ride, she realized Dan did not appear to be a 'dangerous person' or 'murderer.' The sight of him eased her fears.

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Tiffany's first impression

The first impression Tiffany made on Dan was also positive. She said, 'He's a comic and a teacher.'. He's cute.'.

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The couple is no longer together

On the stable grounds, they enjoyed glasses of wine and discussed their past relationships. Tiffany shared that she had separated from Ronald, 31, and was 'working on the divorce.'

Credits: US Weekly

Once again, they broke up

Her confirmation of a permanent breakup came during the filming of 90 Day: The Single Life season 3.

Credits: In Touch Weekly

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