21 Dec, 2022


Daniel Craig is ignoring the casting rumors about James Bond

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Glass Onion: A knife out Mystery

At the screening of Glass, Onion Daniel said he wouldn't play a guessing game about who will be cast in 007.

Credits: The Economic Times

Craig as Bond

He said he never checks the internet. Craig has no idea what fans are saying on social media.

Credits: VOGUE

The big star on Tiktok

Horowitz and Craig made fun of how much Craig's Bond is loved and hit on Tiktok.

Credits: Pinterest

It is what it is

Craig was firm as he announced his departure from the James Bond franchise. He even said he would be the first to sit in the theater if someone else played the role.

Credits: Variety

British Spy Casino Royale

Craig disclosed his internal battles when he was supposed to be cast as a British Spy in Casino Royale. He was also asked about the pros and cons, and Craig said they all depended on his decision.

Credits: Yahoo News UK

The Pros and The Cons

As per Craig, the pros could be that it would change his career for the better, and the cons were that it would change his life for the better.

Credits: Stern

No interest in 007

Craig is one of many cast members who did not comment on who will take over 007 next. Pierce Brosnan said he doesn't care who takes the role next.

Credits: New York Post

Skyfall praises

Brosnan was all gaga about Craig's Skyfall. He loved Craig's work in the movie. However, Craig's upcoming movie Glass Onion streams on Dec. 23 on Netflix.

Credits: People

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