04 Jan, 2023


Danica McKellar Shared, ‘No Makeup Look!’ On Her 48th Birthday

By FactsWow Team

Danica McKellar Embracing Natural Beauty

Danica McKellar hugs the natural beauty on her birthday. The Wonder Years star shared a makeup-free selfie on her Instagram to mark her 48th birthday on Tuesday.

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The Closeup Photo

In the close-up photo, the actress is wearing no makeup, a maroon sweatshirt, and a small smile as she leans back on her pillow.

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Danica McKellar’s Selfie

Here's 48! Danica McKellar wrote alongside her selfie. She thanked everyone for sweet birthday messages! She wishes all a beautiful 2023 and thanks them for being on this journey with her.

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The Intertwined Situation

Our minds and bodies are intertwined. Our brains and bodies are inextricably connected. When she eats well and gets enough rest and exercise, she has more access to that inner joy!

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What’s The Secret Of Life?

The secret to life? She takes gratitude and gives back to the world. Her grandmother said, 'The way to be happy is to make other people happy. Spread it around.

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Danica McKellar’s Conclusion

Danica McKellar concluded her post by thanking her fans and followers. Thanks for everything! And here's to a wonderful 2023!

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Candace Cameron Bure’s Statement

Candace Cameron Bure wrote, Happy birthday Danica!!!! May God bless you abundantly in unexpected ways this new year. Dear Danica, Happy New Year. Happy Birthday.

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The Birthday Celebration

Two years ago, the actress celebrated her 46th birthday with a no-makeup selfie and a candid note about the personal growth she's experienced over the past year, encouraging fans to make a similar effort in 2021.

Media Credits: IMDb

No Makeup, No Filter, No Hairbrush!

So that was 46; no makeup, no filter, no hairbrush. Man, 45 was a rollercoaster. It's interesting to have a birthday so close to Jan 1st because with each new year comes a new age, Danica McKellar wrote. Her year 45; taught her to weather storms in a way she would never have to.

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