02 Aug, 2023


Dancing With the Stars Faces Shortage of Contestants Amidst Ongoing Strike

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About Dancing With the Stars

Dancing with the stars is a reality competition series where stars compete against professional dancers. The show first aired on ABC in 2005 and since then has offered consistent seasons.

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Hollywood strike

Not so surprisingly, the Hollywood strike has halted the production of several series and reality TV shows and dancing With the Stars just happened to be among. Since the SAG-AFTRA and WAG strike all Hollywood and its related subsidiaries have gone on shutdown.

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Reason for strike

The strike was said to have started due to the low pay of many Hollywood writers and actors regardless of the huge amount of money being made by the industry yearly. This has caused disappointment and dissatisfaction.

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One contestant

Luckily, before the strike commenced in July, Dance with the stars had confirmed the participation of Ariana Madix as a contestant in the show. However after her announcement, the show has not been able to recruit new contestants due to the strike.

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Ariana Madix

Ariana Madix is a popular TV personality and an actress best know for her appearance in the popular tv show vanderpump rules and her role in the movie dead end.

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Reality Stars alternative

Due to the strike, Dancing with the Stars is looking to cast reality Stars who have no affiliation with Hollywood, however, the chances of finding a reality star who is big enough to entice the fans and is not associated with Hollywood, is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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Call for pay increase

For the few Stars who have already been reached out to, a call for pay increase has deferred their announcement. As no celebrity wants to be left behind with a low salary structure.

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Fans agitation

As the strike continues and no compromise seem to be in the works, more fans are becoming increasingly agitated for the announcement of new contestants. Yet it looks like the producers of Dancing with the Stars are out of options.

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Fear of cancellation

With the increasing lack of contestants. There are several speculations of the cancellation of season 32 as the Strike lingers keeping all of our favourite celebrities out of the spotlight.

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Season 32

Originally the season 32 of dance with stars was set to premier September 2023, on ABC and Disney plus however this date might be changed considering present circumstances.

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