Dan Levy Reunited With His 'SCHITT’S CREEK' Husband on 40th Birthday Trip to Italy

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Dan Levy Turns 40 and Travels to Italy

Dan Levy who is a star and co-creator of the Emmy-winning series SCHITT’S CREEK celebrated his 40th birthday on 9 Aug 2023 with a trip to Italy. The actor shared an Instagram selfie with a sunset view and balloon emoji. He also posted photos and videos of his Italian adventure showing him enjoying the food, wine, culture and scenery. He was joined by his sister Sarah Levy and friend Jesse Tyler Ferguson. The group visited Rome, Florence, Perugia, Lake Como and other spots.

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Dan Levy Meets Up with Noah Reid in Florence

A highlight of Dan trip was reuniting with his SCHITT’S CREEK co-star and on-screen husband Noah Reid in Florence. Fans loved seeing David Rose and Patrick Brewer together again in Italy. Levy shared an Instagram photo of him and Reid smiling with the caption “The Summer I Turned Forty.” Reid also posted a picture of them in front of the Duomo writing “Happy birthday, you’re a good one.” The friends enjoyed dinner with Sarah, Jesse and others.

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Dan Levy Shares Photos and Videos of His Italian Adventure

Dan documented his fun vacation on Instagram giving fans a glimpse into his Italy travels. He shared photos and videos of himself eating gelato, drinking wine, dancing in a church, swimming, riding a boat, walking the streets and more. He showed off stylish outfits and his own eyewear brand. He captioned a post 'Italy is very nice' with a smiley face expressing his appreciation.

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Dan Levy Receives Birthday Wishes from His SCHITT’S CREEK Co-Stars and Friends

Dan received many birthday wishes on social media from SCHITT’S CREEK co-stars. Emily Hampshire teased 40 actually looks really good on you. Catherine O’Hara called him a joy to work with and know. Eugene Levy said he can’t wait to see what Dan does in the next 40 years.

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Dan Levy Reflects on His Life and Career at 40

Dan has achieved a lot at 40 including co-creating, writing, directing SCHITT’S CREEK which won 9 Emmys in 2020. He portrayed a groundbreaking gay relationship as David Rose. He launched his eyewear brand in 2013. He has appeared in other shows and films too. He said in 2020 that “I feel very lucky to be doing what I love with the people I love.

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Final Verdict

Dan Levy 40th birthday trip to Italy looked like a memorable experience with friends and family. He reunited with Noah Reid, saw the sights and received birthday wishes from loved ones. Dan is a talented and inspiring person who deserves continued success and joy. Happy 40th to this remarkable actor!

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