15 Dec, 2022


Coolidge says her young hookup called his mother while she was in bed with him, making the situation strange.

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Performing as Stifler's mother

With her performance as Stifler's Mother in 1999's coming-of-age comedy, the actress gained traction.

Credits: The Sun

As a glamorous actress

After playing Paulette Bonafonte in 2001's hit 'Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon, she said it would've been a 'very dull' decade if she hadn't played the glamorous MILF in 'American Pie.'

Credits: InStyle

Chris Guest's gift

The best in the show was a gift from Christopher Guest, and he was so fun to make because he allows you to create everything.

Credits: IMDb

Describe the situation briefly

You receive a name and a brief description of who you are, but you get to decide your appearance and dialogue,' Jennifer Coolidge said.

Credits: Wonderwall.com

An offering from God

It was like a gift from God. And 'American Pie' was just like a gift from God because it made my dating life so much easier.

Credits: The Hollywood Reporter

Having a joint discussion

A joint conversation between Jennifer Coolidge and Ariana Grande, 28, led her to ask the pop superstar to recount her 'best' hookup during her time in 'American Pie.'

Credits: Taiwan News

Sleeping jokes

Coolidge explained that it was 'weird' since she once joked about sleeping with '200 men' due to the part and wanted to 'clear the air.'

Credits: NBC News

This is exaggerated

In all honesty, I'd love to say that was true, but that was a bit of an exaggeration - which is why I'm glad you asked.'

Credits: Vanity Fair

Call from a strange mother

She did not disclose specific details about the young man but stated that he called his mother a strange call while they were in bed together.

Credits: Daily Express

A new era began

'Yes, clear the air! But it opened the world to a much broader range of handsome men, especially the younger ones.

Credits: Insider

A phone call took place

It was odd that it happened on the phone. In bed with each other, it was obvious. The next morning, I told him I had to get a blow dry, so we called his mother.

Credits: Hollywood Life

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