Contestant dubbed 'The Next Kelly Clarkson' on American Idol

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Posted on: 02 Aug, 2022

Watch Azinger Ava Swiss' audition below. She received a standing ovation from the judges after her impressive performance on 'America's Got Talent.'In preparation for the audition, 'America's Got Talent' posted a disclaimer that read, 'The next audition was recorded before the recent string of tragic mass shootings across the country.'.

All of our thoughts go out to the families and everyone who has been affected by gun violence.'She explained to the judges that she and her brother were shot dead in Oxford, Michigan, during a school shooting, which led her to select the song 'Remember' by Lauren Daigle.'It has been hard. The situation is improving,' said Ava.

Her response to judge Simon Cowell's question about whether music helps her cope was an emphatic yes. Yes, it has been. Singing reminds me of the good things in life. This 18-year-old senior in high school remembers everything about her community and family, specifically the love, and how it will help her get to where she wants to be.

Because of this, I am so grateful to be here today and can share it with more people than I ever imagined possible.'Ava explained how she had tried to get back into the school to save her brother but was not allowed to. He eventually got out on his own. It felt impossible for me to leave him. A teacher and a student told me to run away. 'I tried getting back in there, but I was told to go, run, run.' said the singer.

Although most people are healing and coping and moving forward, there were probably four families still unable to do so,' she said. In her audition, Ava began quietly and then soared to a soaring chorus and finale after taking a moment to compose herself.

In the standing ovation that followed her performance of 'Remember,' all four judges voted for her to advance to the qualifier rounds, which will air on August 9 and 10. When you have been through incredible trauma, it is hard to show up in life. In addition, the fact that you dare to break through that and shine the way you did today is such an inspiration to every human being, so really, you shine.

Judge Howie Mandel expressed his delight at the performance. You are a brave person, I believe that. For me, this will always be a memorable audition. I have such great respect for you, and on top of that, you have a beautiful voice,' said Cowell. “You are someone I am so glad to have met.”

After Ava's performance, social media was abuzz with praise, with one user comparing her to Kelly Clarkson, the winner of 'American Idol.'Ava received a lot of praise on Twitter, with judge Sofia Vergara writing, 'You are AMAZING!. Please stay tuned. I look forward to seeing more of you.'. Ava Swiss gave an extraordinary performance. My heart goes out to her and her classmates.

Ava Swiss is doing a wonderful job representing Oxford Michigan on AGT! This is an amazing performance. It's hard not to be moved,' a viewer wrote. It is possible that Ava Swiss could be Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood's successor. Your voice is so beautiful!” said another admirer.

The Voice is returning to NBC for its 22nd season in the fall of 2022. The show's new coach will be pop star Camila Cabello, replacing departing coach Ariana Grande, who is taking a year off amid her divorce proceedings. Gwen Stefani will replace Clarkson as a coach, who is taking a year off due to divorce proceedings.

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