20 Mar, 2023


Considering His Ban From The Good Morning America Studio, Rob Marciano Wants Back In

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A valid point

Despite his long absence from 'Good Morning America,' ABC weatherman Rob Marciano has a good reason for not reporting.

Media Credits: The US Sun

Shooting Spot

The show shoots daily at Times Square Studios, where Marciano is banned. Last year, he made another colleague uncomfortable.

Media Credits: The US Sun

Punishment For The Mistake

An insider said they found him guilty of something improper but punished him for it, and he has not been allowed to return.

Media Credits: Yahoo

Confusion About The Situation

Another source told us Marciano had been divorced while dealing with anger management issues. It is unclear what exactly happened between Marciano and his colleague.

Media Credits: The Sun

Discomfort with The Decision

A second source claims the first source made people feel uncomfortable. 'There were a number of alarming events during that time,' he said.

Media Credits: The Sun

The Refusal Statements

After allegedly assaulting a female colleague, Marciano was suspended for a month because of employee relations. Simone Swink, executive producer of 'GMA,' still refuses to let Marciano back in.

Media Credits: The Sun

Happy Staff At The Place

Her approach is straightforward, and she is very focused on the work and keeping her staff motivated and happy. She is very protective of them, said the second source.

Media Credits: KATU

Recruited For A Higher Position

In the wake of claims that Michael Corn abused two women, Swink was appointed to the network's top job. She has since 'run a very tight ship,' and will not allow anything to distract from the network.

Media Credits: American Profile

Not Apart Of The Team

The second source said that Marciano was cranky and sometimes exhibited unsavory behavior. He was removed from the team to address the issue but has returned.

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