Seeking Sister Wife: Colton and his wives quit before the end of season 4

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Posted on: 07 Jun, 2022

In March, Colton and his spouses, Tami and Sophie, reported their takeoff from the unscripted TV drama. Following the news, fans took to Reddit to ask the organization to make a side project show featuring the family.

One client expressed: 'I'm somewhat miserable the Winders aren't back. Frustrated that Ick is as yet hiding around.' Another fan answered: 'I wish TLC would give them their show. They were a decent sense of taste cleaning in the middle between all the insane.

The fourth time of Seeking Sister Wife debuted on Monday. Colton and his spouses reported that they wouldn't show up close to two months sooner. A third fan concurred: The Winders are the central polygamy family I've seen on TV competently do plural marriage.

They shared the news on Instagram, expressing: 'As some of you have seen, we won't be back for season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife. It's a good idea for us why we weren't gotten back, as we've seen the show follow an alternate way.'

The assertion proceeded: 'We hope everything turns out great for different families, and we're thankful to TLC for the open door we needed to recount our story, and we'll keep on telling our story on our virtual entertainment, dependably and honestly.'

'We are much obliged to you all. To all those who have followed and upheld the individuals who proceed to us!' We have some Winder family updates to impart to you next Thursday, April seventh, so remain tuned!

Tender-loving care watchers were acquainted with Colton, Tami, and Sophie in 2019. The show was in its subsequent season. Colton and Tami are guardians to little girl Sadie, while he and Sophie share child Ephraim James.

They are Mormons and have been living in respect beginning around 2017. Colton fills in as a drug specialist and has shot the show and content for the family's online entertainment accounts. The viewers cherished the family for opening up to fans. They spoke about their craving to grow their family in additional ways than one and the difficulties they looked at in doing such.

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