Cincinnati News: Jean-Robert De Cavel Passed Away After Cancer Battle

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Posted on: 24 Dec, 2022

Jean-Robert De Cavel Is No More

A popular restaurateur and chef in Cincinnati, Jean-Robert de Cavel, had died after a five-year battle with leiomyosarcoma.

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Jean's Wife, Annette de Cavel

Annette De Cavel, his wife, said, 'Cincinnati has now missed a loving and wonderful chef. My daughter and I will miss dad and my husband the most.

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Jean reached Cincinnati in 1993

According to channel 12 news, Jean arrived in Cincinnati to become an executive chef at Maisonette in 1993. Once the restaurant shut down, he lived in the Queen City and transmuted the region's culinary scene.

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Jean's JR Group

The JR Group of Jean-Robert De Cavel includes a few members, such as Le Bar a Boeuf, French Crust Café & Bistro, Restaurant L, Jean-Robert's Table, and Frenchie Fresh.

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Jean's Interview with WCPO

In an interview with WCPO, Jean Robert Cincinnati said, 'I am proud to be a Cincinnatian. It was not what it is today, the life of downtown. I am a part of it, and it is a beautiful evolution.

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Diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma

The French chef, Jean Robert, was detected with leiomyosarcoma in 2018 but refused to let the cancer disease slow him down. He continued to work as a restaurant chef and avoided talking to the public about this cancer battle.

Credits: Jean Robert

Have fun with the things

Jean said, 'Talk about the things you like, you want to do, just execute those stuff and have fun with those.' He and his wife began the groundwork of 'The de Cavel Family SIDS Foundation' when the couple lost their first kid, Tatiana, due to infant death syndrome.

Credits: Cincinanati Enquirer

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