Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields discuss the naked scenes in The Blue Lagoon

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Posted on: 23 Dec, 2022

iHeartRadio podcast

Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields reunited on the podcast and discussed why The Blue Lagoon could not be made today.

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Not allowed

The duo discussed that a movie like The Blue Lagoon can never be made now. The odds differ, and what next, they ask?

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The Difficulties

Brooke spoke of the animals being injured; they were doing crazy things. The Kids are naked.

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Much Nudity

The movie was filmed when Brooke was only 14, and Christopher was 18, not to forget the nude scenes. They even said the production team wanted them to have an offline relationship.

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Forced to love

The production team wanted the two to fall in love. Brooke said she was young and never had kissed anyone, let alone been in love. But it would work in favor of the movie.

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Innocence on Screen

Although Brooke, there were many great things and moments they shared. The fact that their innocence could be seen on screen. She admitted to having a body double for the sex scenes. While Christopher comes from a conservative family, so being naked in front of others makes him uncomfortable.

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The funny adventure

Christopher added that it was funny for him not to wear clothes after the shoot. They did fun stuff like sliding, and Shields was stuck to keep herself away from tan as they were not wearing clothes.

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