22 Dec, 2022


Christmas Week at Disney World is one of our favorite weeks of the year

By FactsWow Team

Places we love to visit

Walt Disney World is one of our favorite places to be during the holiday season, and there is a weeklong window of time that we are especially fond of during Christmas.

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Visiting after Thanksgiving is best

In this post, we explain why it's best to visit after Thanksgiving but before the peak weeks of winter break, looking at what makes this time of year unique.

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Long-term blogger

Those following the blog for a long time know that our favorite week at Walt Disney World is immediately following Thanksgiving.

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Getting ready for Christmas

It has always been that way. When we lived in the Midwest, we started our annual Christmas trip the Sunday following Christmas.

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The visit was wonderful

There is no question that the week after Thanksgiving is our favorite vacation week. We loved our visit to Walt Disney World this year on a whole new level.

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Surprised by the outcome

Whatever the case, we were all pleasantly surprised by the first two weeks of December.

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Traffic increased significantly

There was a marked increase in traffic during the second week, but it was still far below what we expected during the holidays.

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Lights of Dreams are absent

The holiday season at Walt Disney World is our favorite time, regardless of the absence of Dream Lights and other things.

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Christmas Ultimate Guide

Several posts are dedicated to this subject, including our Ultimate Guide to Christmas at Walt Disney World, so we won't rehash it here.

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Thanksgiving Sunday

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, crowds usually fall off a cliff, plateau for a week or so, and gradually rise as Christmas approaches.


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