As Christine And Kody Reunite, Kody Gets Annoyed

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Most recent pertinent focal point

Season 18 of Sister Wives got in front of the 2021 Christmas season, right the latest relevant point of interest.

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Visit after leaving

Christine Brown was visiting Janelle Brown in Arizona after leaving Kody Brown and moving to Utah. Get more news updates from factswow.com.

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Spending time with kids

While in the neighborhood, she chose to get together with Kody for lunch to discuss how their little girl, Truely Brown, who was 11 years of age at that point, would spend special times of the year.

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Rejoining was most memorable

It was Kody and Christine's most memorable time rejoining since Christine moved away two months earlier.

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Expectations of the love

'I might want to have an obliging separation and have the option to converse with him about stuff,' Christine made sense of.

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Happenings without hope

However, Kody wasn't as hopeful about how things would go. 'I'm not feeling like I'm in an extraordinary spot,' he conceded.

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Christine talked about

Kody was baffled since he was persuaded that Christine discussed him with a few of his children amid the split.

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Discussion regarding vacation

After an off-kilter embrace, Christine and Kody discussed vacation plans and when Truely would visit her father.

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Test for the Corona

Kody inquired whether Christine and Truely would test for Coronavirus before Truely came to his and Robyn Earthy Colored's home to visit the family.

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Christine was shocked

Christine was stunned to hear that Kody was still so set on observing severe Coronavirus guidelines, particularly since he'd recently had Coronavirus himself.

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Safety for the girl

In any case, Kody brought up that his and Robyn's girl, Aurora, had not yet become ill, so he needed to safeguard her.

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Struggle with the Corona

The discussion then went to how wiped out Kody was the point at which he was combating Coronavirus only weeks earlier.

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Invite for the birthday

Christine laughed as she reviewed how 'out of it' Kody was when he called their girl, Gwendlyn, for her birthday.

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Kody wasn't snickering

'Her depiction of you is what's amusing,' Christine made sense of when she understood that Kody wasn't giggling with her.

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Diverting tendency

'What are you going to do? You can either chuckle or cry about things. If you can't think back with a comical inclination, what a waste.'

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Thinking about Kody

While recording her confession booths, Christine could never have often thought less about Kody's disappointments. ' I'm not hitched to him any longer and it's so wonderful!' she proclaimed.

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Continuation of the disappointment

In the interim, Janelle's disappointments with Kody continued building throughout the episode.

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The issue in the marriage

The two proceeded to part in the mid-year of 2022, and their marital issues will work out all through this season.

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