21 Dec, 2022


Chrissy Teigen has been pregnant forever and wears a bikini

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Baby's arrival

Chrissy is ready to meet her baby, who is on its way. On Monday, she shared a picture of herself In a pink bikini and flaunted the baby bump.

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In the water

The soon-to-be Mumma is ready to welcome her another child with John Legend. She shared a picture of herself from the pool overlooking the ocean and her feet immersed in water.

Credits: Glamour

How does she feel?

Her caption was hilarious as Chrissy wrote that she thinks it's been a long time since she has been pregnant.

Credits: Glamour

Christmas at John Legend and Chrissy's

Chrissy shared some pictures from her and Legend's Christmas party. It also had a picture of her two children, Luna Simone and Miles Theodore, ready for the Christmas event.

Credits: NY Breaking

The family picture

The first picture included John sitting on the chair in a green sweater. Chrissy stood next to him with a Christmas Cardigan and red stockings. The other pictures included snapshots of Luna and Mike in ice skates. Luna wore a red dress, and Mike wore a black sweater.

Credits: Daily Mail

Babies are growing

John Legend also shared a picture of his children and wrote that his children are growing.

Credits: People.com

Announcement In August

In August, John and Chrissy announced they were expecting a baby after they suffered a major pregnancy loss two years ago. They told Luna, and Mike was excited about my elder siblings.

Credits: HuffPost UK

IVF baby

Chrissy said they did IVF, and it had been only nine days, and it worked out. So she shared it with her children, who are thrilled and excited about the new addition.

Credits: Women's Health

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