17 Dec, 2022


Chris Paul celebrates college graduation by gifting each of his fellow graduates $2500!

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Experience a gift!

Chris Paul is ending his college as he celebrates graduation by experiencing a gift for his fellow graduates.

Credits: Wikipedia

Bachelor’s degree!

On Friday, Chris Paul, 37, walked across the stage at Winston-Salem University. He received his bachelor’s degree in the field of communication.

Credits: Sports Illustrated

Beginning of the graduation ceremony!

At the beginning of the ceremony, an announcement was made to graduate that each graduate would receive a bank account with the digital platform Greenwood, with funds from the NBA star Chris Paul deposited.

Credits: NBA.com

Explanation of Paul!

Chris Paul said to the press, 'His announcement made my day and made him feel normal and I wanted to stand outside and wait with them.'

Credits: People

Big deal!

Paul continued, 'Everyone has their own journey, their own experiences, an wanted the full experiences of what it meant to be a graduate.'

Credits: AZCentral

Long-waited for Paul!

Friday's ceremony was a long-awaited coming for Paul. He attended Forest University until his sophomore year and left after becoming the No. 4 pick in the 2005 NBA Draft.

Credits: bellN SPORTS

NBA season began!

Chris's busy 2022 NBA season began with special recognition from the WNBA when the 12-time All-Star received the inaugural Kobe and Gigi Bryant Advocacy Award.

Credits: The Guardian

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