Chris and Gabriel's Face Off: Claim To Fame Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

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Remember most of the past couple of episodes who have seen a pretty epic duo, Gabriel and Chris. Surprisingly, the duo have collected information and taken out various threats in the game to set some people up. It means that we are getting so close to the finale.

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Beat Up Hugo

In the previous episode, Chris knows that everyone was so ambitious to take him out, especially. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Chris beat up Hugo so hard in order to ensure that he was taken out and he is getting all the more paranoid to move forward.

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Tension Between Chris and Gabriel

In the episode, viewers also thought that it’s going to be revealed that Chris spilled the secret to Karsyn about Gabriel’s clue and their bond to fall apart. The promo showed that things will get tense between Chris and Gabriel and all bets are off.

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Gabriel Revealed

The episode could be bad news for Gabriel, since his clue is very easy to figure out. Most viewers thought that he was related to Nick Cannon. Or, at least that he was related to a football player.

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Recent Challenge

For the challenge, five players headed to a dirt field for the challenge, which was covered with 120 stars, each with a celebrity name. Franklin described it as a mix of trivia and musical chairs. When he asked a trivia question, everyone ran to find a star with the answer.

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Monay Was Clear The Game

In the game, there were multiple stars with the same names. In each round, there were five stars with the correct answer for the first question, and then four, then three, and so on. This was almost entirely the Monay show, as she kicked ass, winning four of the five rounds.

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Clue Circulated

Karsyn won a clue connecting Danica Patrick to her relative, which said he was on her podcast. Monay won a several clue connecting Keenan Thompson to Gabriel, Jake Gyllenhall’s relative to one of Spider-Man: Far From Home cast, Chris’s relative to Derek Hough, and J.R.’s relative to the Nicki Minaj fan page Nasamaraj.

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The Biggest Threat

Gabriel said that Monay is the biggest threat in this season. However, Monay was immune, and Gabriel was not. Gabriel and J.R. had the worst performance, so they ended up in the bottom two. The house voted.

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Viewers Speculation

Viewers started to speculate who was going to win. Shockingly, it may be Chris if no one can figure out who he really is. But, how can they not figure out that he is related to Donny Osmond?

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What are you most excited to see moving into the next episode of Claim to Fame season 2? Remember to keep coming back for some other updates coming soon and let us know about your thoughts!

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