27 Dec, 2022


Choose your makeup based on your horoscope sign to try out a different trend!

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Aries is the leader of the zodiac sign, ruled by the planet Mars. This planet gives you a bold personality. You can look fiery by popping a bold, crimson-hue lip colour.

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Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. It is also an Earth sign. You can stand out by playing up your eyes with shadows in shaded emerald, evergreen, and sage.

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Gemini is an adventurous sign ruled by the planet Mercury. Yellow, green, and blue shadows in metallic, shimmer, and iridescent finishes suit this sign.

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Cancer is a sensitive and sweet sign with incredible depth. Their makeup trends with eyes by adding dazzling, pearl-colored highlights along the cheekbones and finishing with a striking creamy ruby-red lip.

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The glorious sign rules Leo. They are expressive and ready to stand out from the pack. You have a matching trend by incorporating a beautiful hue of orange on your lips and cheeks.

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Virgo had their natural beauty, and they played with their strength. You get brightened by applying different shades of brown to your eyes and lining your water with green eyeliner to immerse yourself.

Credits: Temptalia


Libra is one of the beautiful signs ruled by the planet Venus. They try different looks and add opal-inspired eye shadow shades, highlights, and glossy lips.

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The planet Mars rules Scorpio. They always stand out best in red and black. You can get a classic look with black winged liner paired with matte, red lips that bring out the power in you.

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Sagittarius embraces the daring side of beauty. Make your inner flame with spontaneous hues of shimmering Amethyst eye shadows.

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Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. You will look stunning in charcoal pencil eyeliner drawn across the top and bottom of your eyes. Apply a garnet lip shade to complete your look.

Credits: New York post


Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus. You can have a dreamy look by rocking out rebelliously with blue mascara and light purple shadows.

Credits: Ten Vogue

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