Charlotte Drury and Laurie Hernandez confirm their relationship with a sweet anniversary post

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Posted on: 09 Dec, 2022

Laurie's love life

In a new interview, Laurie Hernandez discusses her love life. A photo of Charlotte Drury and the 22-year-old was also shared on Monday, a day after the pair celebrated their second anniversary.

Caption for the photo

A gold medal-winning gymnast wrote, '2 years! Can you believe it!' next to a photo of Hernandez and Crury.

What's in the picture?

Crury, who specializes in trampoline gymnastics, is kissing Hernandez in the picture.

The relationship confirmation

Hernandez's rep confirmed the relationship on Monday, as did Drury's representative. The couple hasn't hesitated to show their relationship on their Instagram pages.

Secret revealed

A month ago, Hernandez intimated that a photographer took her but did not name Drury. She also revealed that she had been dating her partner for over two years and that 'life is great.'

Drury's statement

They recently cheered for 'Late Night Talking' singer Harry Styles at Madison Square Garden. 'We had to!! We had to,' Drury wrote.

Hernandez's social media post

In a behind-the-scenes photo posted last week, Hernandez wrote: '@nike shoot today, stay tuned for something adorable within the next few months.' In 2016, she won season 23 of Dancing with the Stars.

The TikTok video

Olympic gymnast Hernandez posted a video on TikTok in April of her reaction to learning she had been admitted to a Tisch School of the Arts program at NYU. Hernandez and Drury await her admission with anticipation.

The proud statement

Before Hernandez finds out about the school's decision, Drury tells her that, no matter what happens, she is 'proud' of her. 'No matter what happens, I am so, so proud of you,' she tells Hernandez.

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