24 Dec, 2022


Charlie Cox Has Been Busy With Daredevil In His Mcu Takeover

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'Daredevil' Charlie Cox breaks silence on James Bond casting rumors: 'Is my name on the list?' It was about who James Bond would be.

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No Time To Die!

In 2021, Daniel Craig left the mantle as he took on one last role in No Time To Die

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The Plans

Since then, the creators have pestered the world to reveal their plans are the same.

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Aka Daredevil

Many names have been speculated to take on the mantle, including Henry Cavill, Idris Elba, and Tom Holland. But among them was Charlie Cox, also known as Daredevil, and now he's broken his silence.

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The Rumors

There is speculation that the British actor will be the next James Bond, Regé Jean-Page was running. He's also rumored to be in the James Bond race.

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The James Bond

Charlie Cox has decided to debunk these rumors about being Daniel Craig's next James Bond and has responded in a very unfiltered and open manner, saying there are better options.

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The Comicbook

Is my name on the list too? According to the comic book, when asked about James Bond rumors, Charlie Cox recalled to the NME, 'You're the first person I heard.'

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Better Candidates

Someone brought this up the other day and told me there was a chance. She then said: 'Unfortunately not for you. The truth is there are better candidates than me,' admitted Charlie Cox.

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A Superhero

Bond's itch hurt a little bit, especially in Rebellion and Daredevil. Playing a superhero isn't all that different.

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The History

After seeing the history of the franchise and how the dark-haired actor in his 30s is being cast as James Bond, Charlie Cox admitted he should have done something different.

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