28 Dec, 2022


Chargers' Darwin James Jr. was ejected after the Colts hit Ashton Durin

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Charges Darwin James

Darwin James Jr. of the Los Angeles Chargers was ejected Monday night in the second quarter in a 20-3 victory over the Colts in Indianapolis.

The Unnecessary Roughness

Darwin James was flagged for unnecessary roughness after a helmet-to-helmet hit on wide receiver Ashton Dulin.

The Locker Room

Ashton Dulin headed to the Colts' locker room after the hit and was ruled out of the competition due to a concussion.

Opinion Of Coach

After the game, Chargers coach Brandon Staley said that he did not agree with Darwin James' ejection.

Brandon Staley’s Statement

He knows Derwin James intent, they have to establish intent, and he thought that he tried to lead with his shoulder, Brandon Staley said. It's a play where the Colts laid the guy out in a tough position, which is their fault, not theirs, and Darwin James made an aggressive play.

The Lot Of Tackles

They will have to look at it, but I know Darwin James's intentions. He has seen him make a lot of tackles on plays just like that, and he knows that his target was not above the neck.

The NFL’s Concussion Protocol

Brandon Staley exploded in this locker room during the postgame celebration when James Darwin was on the NFL's record for concussions, but the Chargers qualified for the playoffs with the win.

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