19 Dec, 2022


Celebrities Celebrate Hanukkah In 2022, Including King Charles III

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Friday's public appearance

During a public appearance on Friday, December 16, the 74-year-old king of England had the opportunity to observe Jewish traditions.

Credits: Yahoo

A dancer is photographed

A group of north London's JW3 Jewish Community Center members was photographed dancing the hora with Charles.

Credits: Town $ Country Magazine

Observe how the organization operates

Additionally, the British sovereign got to admire the organization's menorah during the outing, the same day she met the stepsister of Anne Frank.

Credits: Vanity Fair

Survivors of the Holocaust

A group of Holocaust survivors and Charles met to discuss their experiences and the holiday miracle as the royal family prepared to celebrate Christmas at Sandringham.

Credits: The Times of Israel

Guests partied with the king

Following the psalm and Fiddler on the Roof's 'To Life,' guests grooved with the king in honor of the king's birthday.

Credits: Los Angeles Times

Commencement of the celebration

She's not the only celebrity eager to celebrate Hanukkah. Bialik wore her Hanukkah sweater hours before the celebration officially began on Sunday, December 18.

Credits: Eonline.com

Sunday selfie on Instagram

Blossom alum, 47, captioned a Sunday Instagram selfie, 'I'm excited to wear this awesome sweater for Hanukkah.'


Blocking the season of light

We wish you all a season of light that blocks out all darkness during the festival of lights. It starts Saturday, December 18, and continues for eight nights.'

Credits: Today Show

The look was completed

She completed her look with a pair of festive earrings in the shape of tiny menorahs and a sweater with blue and yellow fabric, and a Star of David made of tinsel.

Credits: Pinkvilla

Eight mushroom-shaped

Her clay menorah, shaped like eight mushrooms, is another way Busy Philipps gets into the Hanukkah spirit.

Credits: CNN

Shared a photo on Instagram

The Dawson's Creek alum, 43, posted a photo of her menorah on Instagram on Friday and said she hoped she wouldn't burn her eye with Latke oil again.

Credits: Us Weekly

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