27 Dec, 2022


Celebrate New Year 2023 with these amazing makeup ideas

By FactsWow Team

The super smoky wings

With champagne shimmer and elongated wings, New Year's Eve eyes get next-level gorgeous. Clear tape is one fool-proof tool we use to keep our wings symmetrical. Put it at the outer corners of each eye. Blend charcoal or black eyeshadow, and you'll have perfect, razor-sharp wings when you remove the tape. Black eyeliner is used on the lower and upper lash lines, smudged with an angled eyeliner brush. Champagne eyeshadow is added, followed by lots of mascara.

Credits: Pinterest

Glittery black lids

Do you want to feel like you are dancing under the mirror ball in '70s-era glam? This shimmer eye is the perfect party-ready look to pair anything from your LBD to your comfiest jeans. Once your wings are down, trace over the eyeliner for a bold, graphic result. Draw a straight line with a black eyeliner pencil from your inner eye corner to the crease above your eye. Add a soft pink or bubblegum pink lip for that flirty, far-out look. Make it all pop with shimmery gunmetal eyeshadow or eyeliner pencils.

Credits: Allure

A stunning silver dot design

It is all about sparkle, so if you like it, you can try this studded silver eye look. Imagine it like jewelry on your lids. You may use stick-on rhinestones or try silver liquid eyeliner to create the effect. To create a gorgeous 1920s flapper-inspired style, sketch out dots with a black eyeliner pencil, then apply silver, gold, or ruby red (or any color you wish!) over them. You will stand out among the crowd when you wear it all with your favorite accessories.

Credits: Amazon

Starry eyes

Use tiny rhinestones and eyelash glue to make it. Apply one or two along your upper lash line, one or more on your lower lash line, and one on your eyeliner wing. Stay moderate with makeup, so let your eyes do the talking with two coats of mascara and a glowy complexion.

Credits: face canada

It's all red

The red cat-eye, blush, and rouge lips are not just for Valentine's Day. Make a statement with red liquid eyeshadow, red liquid eyeshadow, and red eyeliner. The purple undertones add warmth, while the glittery red chrome adds glamour. Make a gentle swooping line along your upper lash line and over your eyebrows with an angled eyeliner brush. Use a red lip gloss and a blush with a hint of shine, such as the complex culture Good Glow Blush Single in Spiced Up, to continue the warmth theme.

Credits: Byrdie

A dusty corner

You don't want your entire eyeballs covered in glitter but want a hint of sparkle? Highlight your eyes with an eye-safe highlighter. Light Lock Liquid Highlighter from About Face will work best for this look, providing the most shine. Once your eyeshadow is applied, dab a tiny amount into the corners of your eyes and cheeks.

Credits: NYkaa

Blitzed with glitter

If you wish to use your new highlighter that always looks too intense for a regular day, you have come to the right place! To achieve this look, use your highlighter on the outer edges of your face. If you want to keep up the glitter theme, loose dust glitter on top of your cheeks, to the side of your eye, and above your eyebrows towards the hairline. You can pull it down to the collarbones and neckline, too!

Credits: myglamm

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