A New Show Is Here: Casting Call For Single Men Around New Jersey

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Everyone loves reality shows. Especially dating shows where viewers are always on the edge as contestant decides which partner to choose. Fans thrive on such decisions that tease them with twists and unexpected surprises. Many fans even made emotional connections with such shows

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The history of these reality shows all started with ‘The Dating Game.’ Then, in 2003, Joe Millionaire caught the eyes of many. It was the show where many women won Joe, a fake Millionaire, by their side. But in reality, Joe was a construction worker whose real name was Evan Marriott.

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Continuing the pattern of the reality shows, ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette,’ hooked America with their interesting love and dating stories. Afterward, many other reality shows came, especially since the last decade, where we get to see betrayal, love, and emotions, all in one show.

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Recently, something has been strewing up in the reality show industry. A new opportunity is knocking on the doors of young and handsome single men out there. A casting director named Melissa, on the My Next-Door app, told the internet that she is looking for single eligible men in New Jersey.

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Here is what she said in the post: “Do you know of any single men who would want to be in a major network tv show?

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“Hi, I am a casting producer and live in Cherry Hill. I am currently casting for a major TV network dating show and looking for single men to be leading men. If anyone is single and interested contact me and I can send you the app or you can also nominate someone you know by going to my IG. This is the last week of casting, and I am hoping to get some locals on the show.” So, if you think you can fit the description above, contact her as soon as possible, and get a chance to become the most eligible bachelor in New Jersey.

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Best Dating Reality Shows

Here are some of the most enjoyed reality tv shows to keep you hooked to the screen.

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The Bachelor

This show has been going on for more than two decades, featuring 26 seasons as of yet. The format of this show is interesting. A bachelor gets to give roses to multiple women at a time to show his interest in getting their relationship to the next level.

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The Bachelorette

This show featured its first season in 2003 and it continues to hook the fan even today. A bachelorette has the power in this show. She has 25 men competing against each other to get the attention of a single woman, often the former contestants of the show, The Bachelor.

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90-Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

This show features two people who started a virtual relationship with each other online. At the time of the physical meeting, The American person goes to meet their Foreign partner. Both partners then decide whether they will get married or not.

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