17 Dec, 2022


Cassidy Gifford And Ben Wierda Welcome Their First Kiddo

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The First Kid

Cassidy Gifford and Ben Wierda welcome their first child! On Friday, the daughter of former Today Show co-host Kathie Lee Gifford and late NFL star Frank Gifford posted a photo of three Christmas stockings hanging from an elegant white fireplace.

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The Caption

Our little peanut is arriving in June 2023 Jeremiah 1:5, Cassidy Gifford, 29 years old, explained in the caption. A whole lot extra to be praising Jesus for this Christmas, she added in the heartwarming announcement.

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The Pregnancy

Cassidy Gifford's pregnancy comes more than two years after they wed in an intimate backyard wedding in June 2020, which was kept small due to the COVID pandemic.

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The Celebration

The couple then had a second bigger celebration in Nov. 2021 in Nashville. The whole day was special, Cassidy told the sources at the time.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

The Childhood

But for the childhood friends turned sweethearts, a year was nothing to wait, considering their love started after only knowing each other for decades.

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The First Meet

Tlly met when Ben Wierda was 13 years old, and Cassidy Gifford was ten. Their moms met through a mutual friend in the Florida Keys, and his family would always go for the holidays. Their kids matched up with ages with her brother and her.

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The Family

You don't always get along with your family friends' kids, but they hit it off, Cassidy Gifford told the sources at the time.

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The Best Buddies

While Cassidy Gifford said she and Ben Wierda 'were always best friends,' it was not until 2015 that they realized their relationship was something more.

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The Dating Scenes

It was very quick. It was only after seven months of dating, but they had done so much life together and had known each other for so long. Once they started dating, it was a no-brainer.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

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