Candace Cameron Bure's comments are not interpreted the way Danica McKellar believes they are by Neal Bledsoe

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Posted on: 12 Dec, 2022

Controversial commentary

In the wake of Candace Cameron Bure's controversial comments, Danica McKellar will disagree with Neal Bledsoe's decision to stop working with Great American Family.

Support and love one another

As Neal told Fox News Digital on Saturday, December 10, 'Neal is an exceptional actor, and we both share a love and support for the LGBT community. I think we both share the same values and beliefs.'

Commentary interpretation

The Wonder Years alum, 47, told Fox News Digital, 'You know, I disagree with his interpretation of her comments. I didn't see them that way.'

Following the network

Bledsoe's departure from the network occurred after Cameron Bure told WSJ. Magazine in November that the network planned to center its programming on heterosexual couples.

Keeping up with trends

The CEO of Great American Media, Bill Abbott, said they are aware of the trends for 2022 but do not intend to include stories about people of the same sex.

Earlier announcement

In an announcement earlier this month, Bledsoe explained his relationship with the LGBTQIA+ community has been profound.

Standing unsteady

My debt to that community has nothing to do with my inability to stand up for them when they need me.

Assumption of support

To support the LGBTQIA+ community unconditionally - his silence is not worth their ability to live freely and love freely in this world we share.

Everyone should consider it

Everyone needs to have their own beliefs, which are mine: the recent comments made by Great American Family leadership were hurtful, wrong, and reflected an ideology that places judgment before love.

A couple is depicted

'She began her sentence with 'I think,' not definitively, and ended with 'at its core,' not exclusive,' the actress said, discussing how heterosexual couples are depicted in movies. It's a pleasure to love [Bledsoe] to death.

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