BTS' V Declares Debut Solo Album of 'Layover'!

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BTS Member V

The BTS member V is set to unveil his debut officially for the solo album of 'Layover.' The record is fixed to broadcast on 8th September, which was declared on social media through the label's group 'Big Hit Music' on Monday.

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The collection of 'Six' Songs

The sources revealed that the upcoming project includes six songs such as 'Blue,' 'Rainy Days,' 'Slow Dancing,' 'For Us,' and 'Love me Again', and an unknown title track. Discover Factswow.com to unveil more interesting facts and trendy story taglines.

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V's collaboration with NewJeans

Before the big revelation, the 'Big hit music' shared that V would collaborate with the NewJeans creative director of Min Hee-jin to make a hit of his forthcoming solo project. Min played a role in musical production, design, and choreography.

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BTS News Amid Hiatus

Amid a hiatus in BTS activities, certain members have commenced mandatory military service in South Korea. Big Hit has conveyed that BTS' Suga initiated the enlistment process by seeking postponement termination.

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Kim Taehyung

Since the sensational Korean Pop band BTS is put on hold due to military utilization, individual talents in the band will take time to outshine as a 'solo artist.' From the rising solo stars of BTS members, V as 'Kim Taehyung' has disclosed the most sought-after first solo album of 'Layover.'

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V puts a step into 'Solo Career'

Of all the BTS members, V is the latest folk who will enter a 'Solo' career. Most of his colleagues and bandmates have already remarked on a solo artist, gaining a milestone with flourishing success.

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Jimin and Suga

In 2023, Suga's August D and Jimin's Face reached the impressive No. 2 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. In 2022, J-Hope's Jack in the Box and RM's Indigo also achieved remarkable chart success, showcasing the solo achievements of BTS members.

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Jung Kook

Jung Kook, while awaiting the release of his first full studio album, achieved a significant milestone by dominating the Hot 100 chart with his debut solo single, 'Seven.' Keep reading Factswow.com and stay tuned to our latest storylines.

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