20 Jul, 2023


BTS' Jungkook not credited fittingly for Seven music and execution recordings?

By FactsWow Team

Credits on Jungkook's exhibition

BTS' office BIGHIT MUSIC explains the credits on Jungkook's performance single Seven Accomplishments.

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Love from the fans

Latto. On July 14, Jungkook's Seven was released, and fans and listeners loved it so much that it topped the music charts.

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Stress from the fans

Fans were stressed that Jungkook was credited appropriately on the music video and execution video of Seven as they accepted Jungkook's positioning breakdown on YouTube, positioned 0.

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Acceptance by the followers

Jungkook's YouTube breakdown positioning ended up being 0, which drove fans to accept that the BTS artist was not credited as expected. On second thought, the recordings were credited to HYBE.

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The credit given is accurate

YouTube rankings are a fundamental class to be included in Bulletin's Hot 100 graph. Given the consequences of Jungkook's positioning, fans were disheartened and communicated their outrage at the organization for not giving Jungkook the credit accurately.

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Enrolment of recordings and execution

BIGHIT MUSIC shared their position on this through a South Korean news source on July 16. BIGHIT MUSIC declared that all the music recordings and execution recordings are enrolled under the craftsman Jungkook's name accurately in the YouTube framework.

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Gathering the information

They added that there are no issues regarding the information gathered By YouTube.

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Calls from the unofficial website

The fact that Jungkook's YouTube breakdown rank is zero turns out to be from an unofficial website and calls into question the site's credibility.

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